Amsler Grid: An at-home test to help detect changes in your vision

The Amsler Grid test can be an important indicator of diseases in the retina. Test your eyes daily to detect changes as early as possible. If you normally wear reading glasses, please wear them while performing this test. Proper lighting also is essential. The Amsler Grid should be held at a normal reading distance and should be tested from the same distance each day.

1. Look at the red dot in the center of the card. Cover one eye and continue to look at the dot for 10 seconds. Do not study it!

2. If you have retinal disease, the lines surrounding the red dot may not appear perfectly straight.

3. With a pen or pencil, note any irregularities on the card, such as increased distortion, blurring or blank spots. Indicate the approximate location of the irregularities on the grid.

4. Repeat the procedure on the other eye.

5. Notify us if you see any sudden or significant changes in your vision.
Amsler Grid