Positive Experience


I had huge and annoying floaters that interfered with my daily activities. I kept trying to blink these floaters out of the way! Finally after months of frustration my general Ophthalmologist referred me to Dr. Peter Lowe.  Dr. Lowe explained the Vitreolysis Procedure and took the time to answer all of my questions. During the procedure I could see my floaters vaporize. Now, I can see so much clearer and my floaters have vanished.  Dr. Lowe is a great Ophthalmologist.  My overall office experience was excellent. I came in and only waited a few minutes and then the procedure was done.

Vitreolysis – Wow


I have the highest praise for Dr. Lowe and his entire staff.  When another eye professional told me “there was nothing that could be done about my floaters” I went to consult with Dr. Lowe. He explained to me about Vitreolysis and I chose to have the procedure. WOW! I went from horrible, hard to tolerate floaters to the floaters disappearing overnight.  Thank you Dr. Lowe for the outstanding care.

Vitreolysis Is Quick, Simple And Fast


Floaters were interfering with reading and computer screen. Dr. Lowe has really made my life so much easier. The procedure was quick, simple and fast. Now I can read and work on my computer screen so much better. Seeing Dr. Lowe is something I wish I did sooner.

On A 0 To 10 Scale, Dr. Lowe And Staff Get A 10, Excellent


Before Dr. Lowe performed a Vitreolysis Procedure on my eye my vision was like looking through the bottom of a coke bottle and through my lashes. Reading was difficult because my vision was blurred.  Since Vitreolysis I see a dramatic difference as my floater seemed to have thinned. Dr. Lowe’s staff at Retinal Eye Care Associates is professional and very kind. I highly recommend Dr. Lowe.